The reveal – It’s a Deal!

So here it is, dear friends – we are proud to announce It’s a Deal GmbH – the platform for investments including start-ups in developing and emerging countries.

Two very happy founders! (On the right) Dr. Klaus Peter Follak, CFO, and Philomena Poetis, CEO, of It’s a Deal GmbH. 

As Munich Members has developed over the last two years, we begun to look more and more into creative projects and innovations from entrepreneurs in Ghana, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Chile, to name just a few. Even though we started to promote these creative professionals and entrepreneurs, integrate them into projects and connect them with European investors from our Munich Members network, many legal and structural restrictions stood in the way that mostly resulted in long discussions and hours at law offices, not really leading the entrepreneurs, the investors or us to the final stage of investing in the project itself.

We came to the conclusion that it’s important not to limit our efforts to matchmaking and project implementation alone, but to actually develop a product that enables investments to be made via a platform that both, investors and start-ups, trust: the FinTech platform It’s a Deal.

Our goal is to match startups and scaleups and investors after in-depth analysis and not stop until the investment is made! We go the extra mile to embed these matches into a secure and highly advanced FinTech platform that meets the needs and requirements of both parties. To achieve this, we have on the one hand developed an unique investment cycle and on the other won local start-up incubators in various target countries to assist us with qualitative analysis.

May we introduce to you: the founding partners of It’s a Deal GmbH!
Dr. Klaus Peter Follak (CFO of It’s a Deal), Philomena Poetis (CEO of It’s a Deal), Patricia Poetis (CEO of Life Fund Equity Invest) and Dr. Hanspeter Maute.